Long Tail Keywords:  Does Length Really Matter?

Search engine optimization, keywords, long tail keywords.  What is all the fuss about?  Can the number of words in my keyword search really matter?  The answer is a resounding “Yes!” according to some experts.  While this may seem like an unnecessary debate, it is actually something which can bring success to your online business.

What are long tailed keywords one might ask. Before proceeding to details, you should know about the basics of keyword research. One definition given is that long tailed keywords are actually keyword phrases which are more specific to your merchandise and are more likely to be used by consumers when nearing the point of sale for a transaction.

Sounds good; but again, how do you write these phrases?  Aren’t plain old keywords enough?  In a word, no.  Using keywords, a business can lure potential customers to their site.  The correct keywords can pull in the numbers; but, can they make the sell?

Some experts sing the praises of search engines, such as Goggle Keyword Planner; but others point out this program has one fatal flaw:  It suggest the same keywords to all their users, competitors or not. So, the question becomes, “Can I do this myself?”  The answer is, yes.  You can.  Simply by using tools already at your disposal, you can create effect long tail keywords.

If you search on Google, you may have noted a “related searches” box at the bottom of the results page.  All you have to do here is type in any search word for the information or item you are searching for, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and look for the ‘search related section’.  Usually there are several long tailed keywords there.  Sometimes, there are some great listing which usually do not show up in the head or body and have less competition than other keywords.

Can you use these keyword phrases as a way to generate more business to your site?  Possibly; but, it would be prude for the viewer to go to some of the sites.  Comparing apples to oranges may not impact your business in a positive way.

Another useful place to find long tailed keywords are in forums and blogs hosted by authorities on a given subject.  Whether in the comment section or in the body of a blog itself, there are a wealth of long tailed keywords which can be searched to find even more links to information.

If this seems to be a bit over whelming, or just too much for the novice webmaster, there are paid and free tools for you to use.  Google Webmaster and Ubersuggest, for example, are excellent tools for finding those long tail keywords which are becoming more and more popular for web driven business.

Long tailed keywords are open to controversy.  Some experts sing their praises, while others do not.  What is important is how these phrases will impact your business.  Trust your gut instincts on these issues.  Also be aware there is sometimes long term commitment in a change of this type.


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